Moments under a July moon

Cape Island called again, as it often has for me. Four nights were set aside for loggerhead program staff and volunteers to spend the night on the island monitoring the nighttime happenings of loggerheads: both females nesting, and nests hatching out. The daily daytime work of staff and volunteers misses the night action where turtles operate on the beaches.  The turtle nights seem to distill the essence of sea turtles everywhere Continue reading


It had been awhile since I had entered the interior of Bull Island, and certainly not since the heat had cranked up in the Lowcountry. This Monday was a day off for me, and came on the days before the July 4th weekend. The conditions were favorable for a sail out to the Northeast Point, and a return later in the afternoon: low tide at 3:30 PM, and winds to pick up from the southwest from 15-20 knots. It had probably reached the high of 94 degrees when I cast off a little after noon, Continue reading


I was off my usual track to Bull Island for a trip out to Cape Island on July 4th. I am an irregular volunteer for the loggerhead program on Cape, mainly putting in time each year to build the hatcheries. Having been offered the opportunity to get out during the nesting season, I used my one day weekend to do what some volunteers do weekly on Cape Island: locate nests, Continue reading