Turning of the Tide

Early morning at Garris Landing; you have to be early if you are heading out to Cape island with the loggerhead program crew. I was earlier than the rest of the crew, and found the automatic gate to the landing closed. I parked and walked in to take a look at the 5:30AM sky. In the east Jupiter and Venus shone brightly Continue reading

Nice Day for a Circumnavigation

July 7, 2012. Marine forecast: SW 10-15 knots, with 15 knots later.

I arrived down at the landing at 1PM, and was disappointed to find that the sea breeze had not filled in yet. The heat and humidity approached oppressive. South down the ICW, a neighbor’s flag was limp. Further to the south, beyond Garris Landing, the surface of the water appeared darker. The flag soon came to life, Continue reading