A New Air

Something was in the air – actually, it was absent. The summer humidity and haze was gone, and a clear atmosphere permitting views into the distance was present. It seemed like a fine day to beat out against a predicted southeast wind with an outgoing tide, and then reach across Bulls Bay to the north and back. But a change of the wind to the southwest meant tacks were not necessary, Continue reading

Flattening of an island

Dread, excitement, a mixed stew of anticipation – of what? I had heard the initial observations from Billy Shaw who had traveled over to Cape Island the previous day with Cape Romain’s refuge manager Sarah Dawsey. The report was staggering – perhaps 200 loggerhead nests lost. It was news feared by those associated with the loggerhead program, and by friends of this sea turtle everywhere who know the importance of this island to the species. So on this Sunday morning, August 28, a day and a half after the passing of Hurricane Irene up the coast (in fact at that exact time hitting the New Jersey shore), I headed over with Billy and two other staff to Cape to help “pick up the pieces”. Continue reading