Pull of the Super Moon

I had earlier seen the impressive tide range of this March 19th at Garris Landing, with a tiny shallow ditch between expanses of pluff mud creating a gauntlet for boaters to run toward the ramp. It was an stronger pull from this closer than normal orbit of the moon – perigee, and coinciding with the vernal equinox. The March full moon has different names Continue reading

Rainbow bookends

It was not my usual Bull Island experience of sailing Kingfisher and walking solo around the island. On this Saturday I rode over on Island Cat and walked with a group of twenty people, in fact leading this group on a guided walk.

The ferry carried over 38 people that morning.  Captain Will Christenson was at the helm, and  Weatherly Meadors provided the naturalist interpretation as we headed out through the marsh. The Will and Weatherly show was as usual Continue reading