An old acquaintance

I stepped out the front door for a walk within the confines of stay-at-home orders. One of the books I had checked out of the library before closures had a reference to Henry David Thoreau walking six miles to visit a tree, as if it were an old friend. I had a visit in mind to a tree perhaps two miles away with which I wished to make a better acquaintance. The beautiful spring, a dramatic contrast to the pandemic, continued to inspire an expansive nature study in my neighborhood. 
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Scenic Forest

The shift to daylight savings brought an early Lowcountry glimpse of spring; in contrast nor’easters continued to pummel the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. My hiking buddy Brantley Arnau and I headed off to walk the Awendaw Passage in Francis Marion National Forest (FMNF). And we had lots of company: Continue reading