I am obsessed with maps, and have been so for some time. In writing my books, I knew maps would be a necessity in helping to tell the story, but I did not know what a process it would be to learn how to do the map-making myself. It reminds me of my early days butchering wood with tools not quite suited or sharp enough for the job at hand. Much like I acquired the tools and skills necessary to build my own house, I followed a similar process with maps. The availability of satellite imagery has only deepened this obsession. Working with the staff of Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, I have made a number of revisions to my earlier map of Bull Island, and have included that map below. I have also finished up another map detailing the greater Cape Romain area. Repeating the disclaimer from my books, these are not navigational aids; that being said, they may serve as useful reference for following my stories, as well as learning the names of creeks and islands. Any other use is at your own risk.

Document Library

Name Description
Document Bull Island map Color map with places, roads, trails, and other features of the island.
Document Cape Romain area map Larger Cape Romain area with island and creek names
Document Cape Romain smaller area map Long Creek to Alligator Creek

5 thoughts on “Maps

  1. Not sure this will ever be seen but I want to thank you for your story. I have two boys, 8 and 11, and I have been dreaming of a long adventure similar to yours. We have a house in Wilmington, NC (though we currently live in Charlottesville, VA) and my parents live in Va Beach. I owned a Hobie (kept it behind the Blockade Runner) when in Wilmington and it was a gift to spend time on Banks Channel with the family. I dream of the day I can attempt a sail from Wilmington to Va Beach (which has so many wonderful route alternatives between the ICW, Pamlico Sound, etc…) with a close friend or even my boys. I loved your story and it has inspired me to live less vicariously… Here’s to you commenting on my story someday…

    • John, those southerly sea breezes could take you there. An ambitious trip for sure, and safety for you and crew would be paramount. I’m afraid those days pushing close to the edge have passed me, and I keep it simpler and much closer to home.
      My days sailing out of the Banks Channel and out Masonboro Inlet were wonderful times.

  2. Hey Bob, I enjoyed your writing and will follow more closely the activity on Bull Island. I am good friends w Chip Looms and when I was in the America’s Cup his Dad was a supporter. His boats were always registered at Bull Island. I remember well when it was broken up and parts sold off. Seven degrees of separation here.

  3. I too, am obsessed with maps. I can spend a lot of time studying them. I recently stumbles upon your site. I’m enjoying reading about your adventures. I love the coastal islands of the Carolinas and GA. Unfortunately, living in the Atlanta area, I don’t visit them as often as I would like. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Ryan. I am planning on diving into GIS mapping for an update of Bulls.
      I just returned from a couple days at Jekyll Island. I had spent time at St. Simons in the past, but first time to Jekyll. Wish I had Kingfisher there – maybe next time. So many islands, so little time to explore…

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