I am obsessed with maps, and have been so for some time. In writing my books, I knew maps would be a necessity in helping to tell the story, but I did not know what a process it would be to learn how to do the map-making myself. It reminds me of my early days butchering wood with tools not quite suited or sharp enough for the job at hand. Much like I acquired the tools and skills necessary to build my own house, I followed a similar process with maps. The availability of satellite imagery has only deepened this obsession. Working with the staff of Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, I have made a number of revisions to my earlier map of Bull Island, and have included that map below. I have also finished up another map detailing the greater Cape Romain area. Repeating the disclaimer from my books, these are not navigational aids; that being said, they may serve as useful reference for following my stories, as well as learning the names of creeks and islands. Any other use is at your own risk.

Document Library

Name Description
Document Bull Island map Color map with places, roads, trails, and other features of the island.
Document Cape Romain area map Larger Cape Romain area with island and creek names
Document Cape Romain smaller area map Long Creek to Alligator Creek

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