Pirate treasure

Buried treasure in Awendaw, SC? An old map, found in dusty Raynor archives, pointed out an “X” marking the spot. piratetreasuremaprolledpiratetreasuremapBut buried Raynor pirate treasure – far-fetched? [Actually, one of my forebears, Josiah Raynor, grew up on Long Island in the eighteenth century, and learned his trade sailing in the bays and Long Island sound. He shipped out with the privateer Thomas Tew in the 1690’s, and somewhere off the coast of Africa Tew and his crew transitioned to straight piracy. They consorted with a flotilla of pirates including Henry Avery into the Indian Ocean and Red Sea, and Raynor returned to Long Island with a good share of loot.]

Working together with Sully in our pirate personas (Sully as Jake, and me as Captain Bop), we consulted the treasure map, piratetreasure01made our preparations, and grabbing tools piratetreasure02headed out for the buried treasure, somewhere behind the house in the woods.treasurewoods Besides the map, there was a page of directions giving us specifics, with directions, landmarks, and distances measured in PP’s (pirate paces).

From table SW of house walk 5 PP to oak with hole.piratetreasure03

Walk WSW 13 PP to twin pines.piratetreasure04

Turn and walk NNW 29 PP to old roof metal. [Remnant of Raynor roof section blown off in 1989 courtesy of Hurricane Hugo.]piratetreasure05

Continue to walk NNW 24 PP to tall pine on small rise.

Probe for chest in front of tree. [Also on the alert for interloping pirate bandits.]


Dig there for the Treasure! [Amazing how hard it was to find the treasure buried the day before!]piratetreasure08

piratetreasure09After finding the treasure, we returned to the house to open the chest, and inspect the loot. There was a chest inside the chest, an exotic hand carved wooden box from India. piratetreasure13Inside were further treasures: shell, tumbled stone, petrified wood, brass book mark, etc, all with family connections.piratetreasure12

And one last item: another small scroll stating “More treasures await ye”.piratetreasure06









10 thoughts on “Pirate treasure

  1. Arggggeyy Mateys! What a fun adventure! I know Pirate Jake a.k.a. Sully was into it and was even counting his paces (P.P.’s) around the house last night. The pirate theme is already working itself into future plans for his March birthday party, which according to Sully, is going to be a Racecar/Garbage Truck/Pirate theme. We’ll keep working on that, but in the meantime, thanks for the adventure, imagination and especially, the loot!

    • The loot was in the adventure. Next time Jake will have to have an expanded pirate crew – need to get the Jersey Raynor pirate crew on board!

  2. Not only would we love to participate, we could fend off opposing pirate ships (with the help of our esteemed governor) by creating a traffic jam at the entrance of the bay.

    • There is historical precedent for that – Yankees blockading Bulls Bay (and all along coast) in Civil War. Except they were trying to keep the pirates (Confederates) in rather than out. Actually, they were also trying to keep the blockade runners out. Or were the pirates those Yankees?

  3. I am descended from Josiah Raynor too, and found this while searching for more information on him. How fun! Thank you for the smile, distant cousin!

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