A Passage

Why the rush on Saturday morning? While taking a peek at the weather online, I noticed the time of sunrise – in ten minutes. I grabbed a fleece jacket for the cool morning, and my camera to capture the moment. I blasted off on my bicycle for the landing, not even slowing down in saying good morning to my neighbor George. The glimpses in the sky were promising for a fine show, and a view down the impoundment toward the east suggested I might miss the moment of sunrise. Sprinting as much as the bike allowed, I charged through the open gate, and hustled down the pier to the end. The colors were spectacular, and my mission continued with a lens change before getting my first shots. 

Satisfied with a number of different exposures, I put the camera down to enjoy this time. My awareness changed, for this was my place of prayer and communing with other spirits. One spirit I turned to was a revered member of our family, Mary Louise Davis, now in hospice in North Carolina, and at the end of her long life. As it turns out, her passing would just be hours later. She was a woman of incredible spirit: strength, humor, faithfulness, and resilience. Looking out over the water and marsh at this spectacular cosmic show, I wished Mary Godspeed in her passage. 

2 thoughts on “A Passage

  1. Very beautiful, loving words for our beloved grandmother’s passing. This touched my heart so. Thank you Bob.

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