Additions to the archives: two posts on hammocks

I included a chapter on hammocks in Tracing the Cape Romain Archipelago. These hammocks are “islands in the marsh”, small elevations of upland creating the environment for various botanical communities. By definition they must be less than 500 acres, and in SC over half are less than one acre. The following photo of a southbound Snowbird displays hammocks in the distance (actually, middle Bulls Bay hammocks I covered in Tracing the Cape Romain Archipelago.)

 I did not include several trips in that chapter, and my old web had a page for those stories. In transforming this site, I have included them as posts dated when those voyages occurred. Those two posts are Pine Island hammocks, and Alligator Creek hammocks. On reflection, I realize my destination in the Delta’s price was also a hammock.

I plan to post other past voyages into this site that have not yet been published. Additionally, I have other hammocks I will be exploring in the Cape Romain archipelago and beyond.