Update on my old acquaintance

Spring has continued to proceed in the Lowcountry. New flowers erupt; birds make their spring appearance. The male painted bunting shows its spectacular colors; the female on closer inspection has a more subtle but equally appealing color palette.

I have always been a lover of all shades of green, and the fresh foliage of trees and shrubs has become an annual source of pleasure. As mentioned earlier, I became acquainted with a black gum tree with its blaze of scarlet foliage early in the fall. And now I have waited and have seen for the first time the new greenery of this tree.I will remember to make a scarlet update this fall.  

2 thoughts on “Update on my old acquaintance

  1. Thank you for this! I gently “rescued” a bird off our screened in porch recently and couldn’t figure what it was. Now I know – a female painted bunting. And you’re right the female has many blending shades of green. I’ve seen the males around but never IDd a female before.

    • Yes, I have had an issue myself recently due to leaving the screen door open, and then having a young hummingbird and two dragonflies trying to find there way out – with difficulty. Got to keep that door closed, for sure. Glad the photo of the female painting bunting helped.

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