Tale of the two great canoeists

These were no two traditional canoeists – Nathaniel Holmes Bishop and Joshua Slocum. Adventurous voyagers, but cut from different cloth.┬áHere is their story with a Murphy Island connection I wrote for┬áthe January/February 2016 issue of South Carolina Wildlife: Tale of the two great canoeists.

8 thoughts on “Tale of the two great canoeists

    • Have you made it over to Murphy, Hal? You can get close at Santee Coastal Reserve by bicycling around the Cape loop trail – great birding out there.

  1. Remarkable stories! Stories like these experienced by men lacking in our modern equipment encourage me to do less preparation and more adventuring! Thanks for pulling this one together. scott

  2. I stumbled across your article while planning an upcoming trip to Georgetown.
    What a great story. It is amazing that people traveled so far back then without all the fancy equipment and tools. Granted, I am sure it is easier now but there is less “adventure” when you can pull up Google Earth and navigate the trip at eye level
    before you even go. Thanks for taking the time to connect two great stories together. It’s time to track down Sailing Alone Around the World

    • My copy of Sailing Alone Around the World also has Voyage of the Liberdade included. Slocum’s writing developed along with his navigation skills. The book will always be in my library.

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