Spring moment

The island was full of spring: new growth, pine pollen gushing off the trees in clouds, banks of jessamine brightening the forest roads. For a brief island visit, one moment trumped all: a crack off in the forest wetland, a splash and lively swim by a suspected alligator, rushing along with head held above the duck weed covered water. But alligators don’t climb trees, and the black body was of a fox-tail squirrel. That was not a comfortable environment for the large squirrel, probably climbing on a branch that broke under its weight, and tumbling into the cold waters populated by numerous alligators. It was a drama observed in the company of a couple and their three children – we shared the moment’s excitement.

Beneath the surface

History holds court at Hampton Plantation, one of the many outposts of the Rice Kingdom. A colonial era Big House with tours, fine grounds and gardens, historic visits by famous Americans (George Washington, Francis Marion), famous residents Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Archibald Rutledge (the first SC poet laureate) – all these elements and more Continue reading