Approaching the summer solstice

Sailing along with the west wind through Andersonville Creek, I passed my neighbors Hal and Yogi in a johnboat returning with a large basket of blue crabs. The wind was predicted to be southwest from 10-15 knots with 20 later, but at the time the west wind was favorable for the sail out to the island. At the Shark Hole I turned to the southwest to follow that fork of the Andersonville Creek, Continue reading

An answer

I beat the heat with a pre-sunrise run this week, starting a little after 5. My runs in the neighborhood always have a leg taking me to the boat landing. The pier head provides a fine platform for stretching and observing, Continue reading

Sailing free among loggerheads, (and walking with flies)

My first loggerhead sighting of the day took place before 8AM, when my friend Brantley and I stopped at the landing toward the end of a morning run. I saw the distinctive head of the loggerhead right next to the pilling of channel marker #68 before it submerged – in the last week I had seen a four feet alligator swimming here twice. After a long interlude of months, I set sail on Kingfisher around 11AM, and on the Intracoastal Waterway headed up to avoid crossing the bow of a fast moving Sea Hunt outboard. In the interval between us rose first a horseshoe crab, but in the jaws of a loggerhead, Continue reading