Missing something

Saturday, January 23, 2010 was Volunteer Appreciation Day on Bull Island, and I took the easy ride over on the Island Cat ferry. Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge staff hosted this event that included the trip over to the island, a guided tour around the island (with trailers and a van to transport the group), and a potluck luncheon at the Dominick House. The northeast wind was cranking up at 8:30 Continue reading

From above

Sunday, November 15, 2009. The low tide at 12:29 PM inspired me to take the outgoing flow in the morning to the island. The marine forecast was for light winds, and there was a little wind from the east going out Andersonville Creek into Bulls Bay. The wind finally died before I made it to my turning point around the shoal protruding out from the bay’s southwest edge, so I paddled for propulsion. I skimmed the edge of the shoal, monitoring the bottom, and made it into Bull Creek as the tide began its change. Without a breeze, Kingfisher had become a canoe again, but the smooth water made for easy paddling. The faintest of winds added a little push before I dropped sail Continue reading