Studying a bay

I have long pondered sailing Winyah Bay to explore its waters, seen only from a distance by this sailor. In certain respects the conditions appeared favorable on this day in early June: low tide at 10:30 (at the landing on the Sampit River); an early west wind predicted to swing to southwest, our faithful sea breeze; and little chance of thunderstorms. Other pluses: the opportunity to use this Monday for the trip without other obligations, Kingfisher in decent shape, and a spare tire to go with the one-year-old trailer. A fine plan, though a fickle wind Continue reading

On the Little Peedee River

Moving away from my home waters around Bull Island, I traveled into northern Georgetown County, not trailing Kingfisher behind me but sporting a canoe on top of my vehicle. I had been planning this trip – seemingly an inordinate amount of time for a half-day paddle –on one of the spectacular coastal rivers of South Carolina, on the day marking the autumnal equinox, September 22. It would be a reunion of sorts Continue reading