Additions to the archives: two posts on hammocks

I included a chapter on hammocks in Tracing the Cape Romain Archipelago. These hammocks are “islands in the marsh”, small elevations of upland creating the environment for various botanical communities. By definition they must be less than 500 acres, and in SC over half are less than one acre. The following photo of a southbound Snowbird displays hammocks Continue reading

The Delta’s price

This trip would be only the second launch of Kingfisher on the North Santee River at the Poleyard Landing, situated adjacent to the Highway 17 North bridge. The first was a long imagined sail – from the North Santee through the Inland Passage to Charleston Harbor and Remley’s Point Landing (see final chapter of Tracing the Cape Romain Archipelago.) This second was also long planned – to seek out and find an esoteric archaeological site in the Santee Delta. Though this trip was in the back of my mind for a while, a week off from work pressured me to use the time, though I did not have optimal conditions. The tide would be adverse for much of the trip, and my only good rationale for embarking on this venture Continue reading

Pine Island hammocks

Low tide 8:03AM.  Predicted winds SW 15-20 knots; 20 knots later.

I arrive at the Romain Retreat landing at 10AM, and the breeze is solid already. A commercial fisherman is steaming in through Anderson Creek, and I recognize the homemade roof as a crabber I have seen the past two years in McClellanville. He turns north and heads up the ICW. I am off about 10:20AM, and the tide has been coming in for a couple of hours. My plan is to reach out in the southwest breeze against the tide Continue reading

Alligator Creek hammocks

Low tide 5:30 PM.  Predicted winds N 20-25 knots.

I am heading out of Awendaw on Sunday morning toward McClellanville, and calling my friend Chris Crolley to share my sail plan. He also is heading north as we speak, but on Island Cat to take a charter, the Myrtle Beach Shell Club, to Raccoon Key. My planned course is in the opposite direction from Chris’s track out Five Fathom Creek: I will be heading up the ICW north until Alligator Creek, then out to find the shell hammocks Continue reading