An old acquaintance

I stepped out the front door for a walk within the confines of stay-at-home orders. One of the books I had checked out of the library before closures had a reference to Henry David Thoreau walking six miles to visit a tree, as if it were an old friend. I had a visit in mind to a tree perhaps two miles away with which I wished to make a better acquaintance. The beautiful spring, a dramatic contrast to the pandemic, continued to inspire an expansive nature study in my neighborhood. 
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Fallen trees

During recent walks around Bull Island and the Washo Reserve at Santee Coastal Reserve I noted fallen trees from Hurricane Matthew. These casualties were quite limited relative to Hurricane Hugo’s effects in the same areas. I found myself peering under the overturned root balls, Continue reading

Sandy Hook Surprise

Out on the road in Monmouth County (NJ), my father and I made the familiar trip into Red Bank and Marine Park on the Navesink River, my ancestral waters. My life began there
– learning to sail, boat, and waterski; fishing for snappers and crabbing; and teaching sailing out of the Monmouth Boat Club. sandyhook 1And then there was the Molly Pitcher Continue reading

Storm Education

Increased anxiety may often be triggered from past experience. The approach of Hurricane Sandy toward the New Jersey coast (home during my youth), the projection of it morphing into a Superstorm, and the prospect of the storm surge hitting on top of an astronomical high tide Continue reading

On Sandy Hook

On May 10 I was driving from Tinton Falls, New Jersey toward the coast, riding the edge of a front that had been dumping rain over the east coast for the past 24 hours. Blue sky was trailing and being pulled toward the coast Continue reading